Folk has closed down and is now an internal product at eFounders. Check out why

How it works

The next generation contact manager.


Get the full picture on your network with cross-channel interaction history on all your team contacts.


Take your network-building efforts to the next level with state of the art collaborative features for your team.


Leverage your entire network in a single hub, integrated with the tools that you love and use every day.


Uncover and leverage new opportunities easily with intelligence at every level.


Get your team started in minutes: Folk is easy to install, easy to use, and requires no data entry.


Your network is your most valuable asset, Folk keeps it safe and helps you control who sees what.


Map out your network in minutes.

  • Automatic contact import from email, calendar and your most-used sources (upcoming Integrations below)
  • Intuitive tags
  • Up-to-date interaction history on all your contacts
  • As simple as an address-book, with extra horsepower

Leverage intelligence on each interaction.

  • Powerful search
  • Frequency & news-based reminders to connect
  • Relationships prioritisation & scoring
  • Simplified campaign creation (outreach, events, recruiting, sales pipeline…)

Leverage your network.

  • Team address book with shared notes, tags & campaigns
  • In-app team conversations & coordination
  • Mobile app with your network & team on-the-go

Seamlessly expand your network.

  • Self-organizing address book & enriched contact cards
  • Meeting scheduling & voice transcription
  • Monitor your connectivity & improve it

For teams of 1 to 1,000

Whether you're a one-person operation or a full-fledged organization, Folk has you covered.

For solo users

Easy to set up. Easier to use. With extra power to grow your personal network.

For teams

The simplicity of an address book with the power of collaboration features to supercharge your team's network.


Integrations to empower your team.

Import your contacts & relationship history. Activate your network. All with your existing apps.

Build your network with Folk.

Why We're Internalizing Folk

At eFounders, we started Folk as an internal project to manage our network of contacts.
We thought we could offer this tool to other teams, and decided to launch Folk publicly.
We built an amazing product but we weren't able to find our Product-Market Fit.
After closing the project and migrating everything onto other tools, we realised Folk was essential to eFounders and that it wasn't replaceable.
We decided to continue the project exclusively for internal purposes.
We'll consider opening Folk to new teams on a case by case basis.

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